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About Roborovskis | Bedding
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A word on bedding
There are many types of bedding on the market that you can use for your hamster, but not al beddings are safe.

Please Note: the paragraph below gives a summary of unsuitable and dangerous bedding types
To sum up the unsuitable beddings that can be dangerous for your hamster:

All beddings made of Pine or Cedar or other soft woods (they contain phenol oils) can be hazardous for your hamsters health, read why here:
Beddings that are scented (to disguise your animal’s odour) are not advisable either. Hamsters rely on their sense of smell and have very delicate airways. Scented bedding can be distressing and irritable for their airways.
Hazardous as nesting materials are: fluffy beddings, beddings made of cotton or other nesting materials that do not dissolve in water or are digestible. Be really careful, some packages state that the bedding is digestible, this is only true in theory. Hamster's intestines are so smal that even those beddings can cause a blockage. Also the second danger of fluffy bedding is the risk of amputation.
Read more about it here:
Cat litter (except for the paper based type) is not suitable either as it is way too dusty.

Note that many animal bedding suppliers manufacture safe bedding types alongside hazardous types. Always examine the package to verify you are buying bedding that is safe for your hamster.

Examples of Safe bedding types
Woodshavings (cheap)
Kaytee Aspen Bedding & Litter (Int)
Manufactured with all natural aspen shavings specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris found in other bedding. Aspen bedding comes from hardwood, eliminating aromatic oils found in other types of wood bedding.
-Can be used in all cages, aquariums and habitrails.
-A natural biodegradable product.
Hemp Based (cheap)
Hemparade/ Aubiose & Mini-Hemp (Int)
Originally intended for horses with respitory problems, but now widely used as small animall bedding. Hemparade is made from the woody core of environmentally grown fibre hemp. No insecticides or pesticides are used in the cultivation of fibre hemp.
Unlike wood shavings and straw, Hemparade is virtually dust-free and has a moisture-regulating effect. Moisture, odours and ammonia are absorbed better and more rapidly.
Hemp based bedding generally lasts longer than wood shavings. Consumption is therefore also considerably lower than with straw or wood shavings.
Straw based bedding (midprice)
Russel Bedding (Int)
The bedding itself is made from barley straw, chopped up in small pieces. It feels very soft to the touch, with no sharp points or edges like unprocessed straw (unsuitable). The dust has been removed to prevent it from causing breathing problems for the animal concerned. It has also been treated with what they describe as a 'non-toxic cleaning agent to eliminate pet odours, germs and bacteria'.
Corn granulate based (expensive)
Chipsi Mais (EU)
- hygienic
- super absorbent
CHIPSI MAIS Granulate is made from corn cobs. This natural product is much heavier than normal shavings and granulate products.
It doesn't stick as easily to the animal's fur and paws and get spread around outside the cage. The natural corn product has a pleasant scent and character that is agreeable to pets.

Witte Molen Top Fresh Basic Micro (Int)
Same as Kaytee and Chipsi only the grains are much smaller and easier on the feet of little hamsters.
Esve Corbo (EU)
Same as Kaytee and Chipsi only the grains are somewhat lighter and less dense.
Pestell (USA) also makes corn cob bedding.
Paper based beddings (expensive)
Carefresh (Int)
Very good odor control and super absorbent so your pets stay cleaner and drier. Lasts longer between bedding changes. Clean up is fast and easy because CareFRESH won’t stick to the cage or pan.
- Made from 100% virgin wood pulp fiber
- No added inks or dyes
- Sanitized to kill bacteria, mold and fungus
- Flushable
- Virtually dust free

Kaytee Soft-Sorbent Bedding (Int)
KAYTEE® Soft-Sorbent™ is made from wood fibers that are not suitable for paper production. The fiber is converted into a soft, highly absorbent form that provides a great cage environment for small animals.
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