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About Roborovskis | Cage types
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Cages for your Roborovski
  Roborovskis are one of the most lively and agile hamster species and although they are among the smallest, they need just as much space as any other hamster.
A cage with a minimum floor size of aproximately 50cm by 30cm (20 by 12 inches) for one pair of Roborovski is about right.
Even if a cage consists of multiple levels, try to keep those minimum ground floor sizes in the back of your mind. Still hamsters, especially Roborovskis, will appreciate all of the room you can spare.
If you're on a budget, stay away from the cages with lots of plastic, loud colors and lots of tubes, they generally very expensive.

There are a lot of different cages and it's good to know the pros (+) and cons (-) for each type. On the left you can see examples of each cage type.

The setup directly on the right are my own 2 cages. A Ferplast Hamster Duna (70cm x 40cm) on top and a Ferplast Mini Duna (50cm x 35cm) below. >>

Glass Tanks
  +Pro:Glass aquariums are quite cheap.
They are very easy to clean, rarely scratch and you can see your pet without the interference of bars.
The bedding will stay where it belongs and it keeps your hamster safe from drafts and cold.
-Con: Unsuitable for young kids, since they can be really heavy, and akward to handle.
Temperature can sometimes rise to dangerous levels when put in full sunlight, due to the lower ventilation.

You can use a wire mesh to close the top of the cage with. With my Roborovskis I did make a wire mesh lid, as can be seen on the right. They're so tiny that I wanted to rule out every possibility of escaping ;-) Under no circumstance close a glass or plastic cage with a solid lid, to make sure you don't block the supply of fresh air to your pet.

Plastic Duna cages
  +Pro: Plastic Duna cages have the same advantages as the glass cages,but are much lighter and easier to handle. Plus they won't break (not easily) when accidentally dropped while cleaning or so.
-Con: Also they can be a lot more expensive than glass tanks. Not so nice if you are on a budget and want a duna cage. They can get scratched more easily than glass cages. To prevent this, trie to clean the cage using a soft cloth and a non-aggressive cleaning agent.
Note: The cage shown is an older model which is no longer available. All current models have an opaque lower half.
Wire Cages
  +Pro: Wire cages provide lots of ventilation. When the cage has horizontal bars they love to climb in them and that's really fun to watch. Though Roborovskis would probably appreciate more floor space over climbing possibilities. A combo of both ofcourse would be lovely.
-Con: For young Roborovskis, wire cages are less suitable, they sometimes manage to slip through the bars of normal dwarf hamster cages, although buying a mice cage would solve that.

There are cages with wire mesh instead of a solid ground floor. Although they seem easy to clean they are really uncomfortable for your pet. Roborovskis are very tiny and even the finest wire floor can cause their paws to slip through, hurting themselves or getting stuck.
Pennplax SAM All plastic Cages
  The all plastic cages by SAM or Habitrail are generally very small, the do make acceptable size cages, but those in turn are often really expensive.

+Pro: They look colorful and interesting. Might be nice for small children. You have a clear view of your hamster
-Con: Because they're almost totally sealed by plastic, there is not very much ventilation for your pet. The air holes present just don't seem adequate

Note that Roborovskis probably will not use the vertical or near vertical tubes, since they are not brilliant climbers and are to small to grab a hold to them. SAM cages are les easy to clean because of the gazillion nooks and crannies, do not forget to remove the wire mesh on the cage floor before use.
There are however SAM wire cages and mixed plastic/wire cages, so if you really want to have a SAM cage, please look for those.
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