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• Links
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• Photo Credits
English Sites  
Site Banner Information
Hamster Hideout Fun & Informative Hideout for Hamster Lovers. This site contains movies, all sorts of information on hamsters, stories, picture galleries, games, wallpapers, ecards, free email ... and more! There is also an active and informative forum on this site.
All the Hamster information you need from Syrian hamsters to Dwarves. Includes a webcamforum, hamster gallery and lots of info on Hamster Care.

Robo Care Central. Al sorts of information on keeping roborovskis and lots of photos and a few movies.
The Roborovski pages are a subsection of

Site with cute and funny photo's of Roborovskis and WWs
Hamsterical: Sweet movies and good info on Robos Hamsterical - A bunch of stuff about dwarf hamsters. Cute movies and pict. A site of a true hamlover :-)

Momentarily off-line due to bandwidth stealing (direct linking).
Fantastic photos Beautiful wallpapers of Roborovskis and other dwarf hamsters.
Pet Website Roborovski Section About hamsters, syrian hamsters, dwarf russian hamsters, chinese hamsters, roborovski hamsters, colours of hamsters, buying hamsters, caring for hamsters, breeding hamsters, chat about hamsters, supplies for hamsters, hamsters for sale, gifts, t-shirts...
Dutch Sites
Site Banner Information
Huisdieropvang 't Saens Dierenrijck Private pet rehoming project located in Zaandam, The Netherlands. There still are animal lovers with a mission! and hamster forum My favourite hamster related forum!! Friendly hamster lovers and big community. Main language Dutch, though questions in English will be answered.

KNAGERS! online. Website about rodents with info on breeding, rodent shows, genetics, color types, health tips:
Knagers fokken (neem een kijkje in de kraamkamer)
Topknagers (alles over knaagdiershows)
X + Y = ? (kleine knager kleurvererving)
De kleurige velletjes van de Syrische hamster
EHBK (spoedeisende hulp voor de kleine knager)
Knaag Smakelijk! (de kleine knager menukaart)
Maak een knagerjungle! (diervriendelijke huisvesting)
Links (alleen de beste)

Hamsterweb: Many photos and DIY hamster toys Website over Sandra's eigen hamsters. Verder vind je hier klustips, fotos, kunst en een vet gaaf gastenboek :P
Japanese Sites
Site Banner Information Beautiful website on Roborovskis. All in Japanese, but the photos kind of speak for themselves ;-)
Live webcam of a hamster!
Cute site with lots of hamster pict.
Website with very nice illustrations of hamsters (scroll down and choose a page next to "illustrations"
Photo Credits (alphabetical)  
• Brigitte from The Netherlands. Brigitte provided the beautiful series of photos of the diluted white face and their progressive color fading.
-Contact info
• Fenna from Belgium. Fenna provided the base photos for the gender comparison.
-Fenna's personal website
• Henriëtte from The Netherlands. Henriëtte provided photos for the breeding sections, as well as photos of white face Roborovskis and of Roborovskis living on sand.
-Contact info
• K. Akagami from Japan. He made some of the beautiful Roborovski photographs which I used in the care sections.
-Mr. Akagami's Hamster Gallery
• Loes from The Netherlands. Loes also provided a lot of the photos in the breeding sections.
-Contact info
• Monique from The Netherlands. Monique provided the photos of the normal colored Roborovskis producing a white face pup.
-Contact info
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